Age N Grace

Our Story

The story of AgeNGrace started in 1982. Working as an environmental service technician at a local hospital, Yvonne Cones (owner) would later be promoted to a unit secretary/patient sitter. Through that promotion, she found a passion in serving the elderly. After a few years, she felt God leading her to a new opportunity at an adult day care center. Around this time, her community members began to ask her about her service and before she knew it, she gained her first clients – her church friend’s elderly parents. Soon after, she officially launched AgeNGrace in 2015.

Although we are a small company, Yvonne and her team have a big heart for the aging population. This is not a job, but a joy to serve with compassion, dignity and trust.

Age Grace’s mission is to provide our elderly clients with a unique, personalized companion experience by engaging them in fun activities and real interaction that produce joy!