Appointment Companion & Patient Sitter Service for Aging Adults

AgeNGrace – the focus is to provide our aging clients with a unique personalized companionship experience by engaging them in activities and real interaction that produce Joy! Serving with Compassion, Dignity, Trust and Grace

Age N Grace Appointment Companion

Will Drive and accompany you or your loved one for the full duration of your scheduled appointments, we listen to a take notes during appointments

● Medical Appointments
● Eye Surgery procedures
● Colonoscopies, Endoscopies
● Chemotherapy
● Dialysis
● Other outpatient procedures

Emergency/Urgent Care Companion

This situation can be stressful when you are alone, we will help relieve your anxiety

● Check-in/out process
● Communicate needs to medical staff
● Take notes
● Continue Services, if you are hospitalized

Patient Sitter Companion

We bring peace of mind, observation, safety, and conversation

● Hospital
● Nursing Home
● Rehab

Respite/Hospice Companion

When primary care giver that needs a break, we provide companionship that includes

● Reading-Bible/Newspaper
● Music
● Talk

Social Companion

We bring joy and companionship to every outing.

● Family/Friends/Class Reunions
● Anniversary/Birthday Celebrations
● Sporting Events/Conferences
● Theatre/Museums
● Concerts/Movies
● Fine Dining
● Church
● Weddings/Funerals