AgeNGrace was the answer to so many concerns for my husband and I while our Mother-n-law lived with us. Much of it was schedule conflicts. When we needed someone to be home while we were away or escort Gerri to an appointment that we couldn’t, AgeNGrace covered it. Then we found that having Yvonne here to make Gerri’s time more productive, exciting, fun or entertaining kept Gerri more alert, involved and in good spirits. They played games, went for walks, rides and to events. Yvonne always kept us informed about what they had done together by bringing back pamphlets, photos and papers so that we could review their experience.

When Gerri went into Independent Living there were times when Gerri’s memory would have kept her from enjoying the outings and activities at the Home. Yvonne caught it and became the close

Friend that kept Gerri in sync with the other seniors. She was still able to make luncheons, parties, programs and games that Gerri would have forgotten. Yvonne also kept us informed about family events, dinners and programs that helped us be with Gerri in more entertaining ways. We continued to visit but Yvonne expanded our knowledge because she was there three times a week, making sure Gerri was treated well.

When Gerri went into Memory Care in another facility, we quickly found out that we needed AgeNGrace just as much. Gerri was accustomed to activities but needed even more help to be actively involved even though this was Memeory Care. AgeNGrace was there when we weren’t, to make sure Gerri got into the games, activities and discussions that were so important to her mental health. It was Yvonne that informed us about different procedures and rules that allowed us to stay in top of laundry, clothes replacement, personal care.

Yvonne’s character is what makes her the compassionate, loving individual she is. Everywhere my mother-n-law lived was enhanced and improved upon because of Yvonne’s expertise in dealing with the staff at those facilities and in dealing with the elderly.

Phil, Diane

Age-N-Grace did a loved ones consult each month and assessed my mom’s care needs with me. I needed Yvonne to provide the same level of care as a family member and she lived up to that. She created individualized- activities like sewing. Age-N-Grace gives families the balance they need to sustain proper long-term care.

P.S. My mom has been gone for five years but we still have all those memories.

Thanks, Age-N-Grace

Mr. Bruce (Boman)

When my younger brother entered hospice care, my husband and I knew we wanted to have him spend his final time in our home – but we knew we would need help. Stephen was physically and developmentally disabled and required a great deal of care. It was a relief and a joy to have AgeNGrace as part of our care team.

Yvonne was kind, warm and loving in all her interactions with Stephen and with our family. She was incredibly reliable, which made managing Stephen’s complex schedule of nurses and aides so much easier. She provided companionship support that enabled me to work from home while knowing Stephen was still cared for. Even when he was gruff with her, Yvonne was nothing but kind in return. Yvonne and AgeNGrace provided me and my family with much-needed support and peace of mind at one of the most difficult times in our lives. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Mary Ann

I can’t say enough about Yvonne and the service she provided me through AgeNGrace

I was new to the Grand Rapids area and I was given her name. She helped me as I recovered from an illness and surgery. She came by each day and helped with daily things that I was unable to do. But more importantly, her countenance and loving personality were such a blessing. She was so encouraging and I knew that I could trust her. She is amazing and I don’t know how I would have made it through that time without her. She definitely will be a blessing to anyone who utilizes her services. I highly recommend AgeNGrace.


I was so grateful to Age and Grace for providing companion services for my mother. Yvonne was more than a companion, she became a trusted member of our family. My mother lived with dementia. On her first visit, Yvonne listened to her talk about her life and the things she loved. On one of the next visits, she brought activities that simulated those things. Yvonne’s care for my mother kept her engaged and stimulated. I am forever grateful and would highly recommend Age and Grace.